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We provide companies of all sizes and from all sectors with individually tailored insurance and risk solutions and work in partnership with renowned insurers. We are leaders in the forwarding business and are well aware of the challenges, even those associated with complex transport chains.

Freight forwarder’s, carrier’s and warehouse keeper’s liability insurance

Freight forwarder’s liability insurance provides the policyholder with cover for his or her activities as a freight forwarder, carrier or warehouse keeper. He/she is in particular held liable for loss of or damage to the goods handed over to him/her and for failure to meet delivery deadlines.

Goods in transit insurance

Whether it is a transport accident, robbery, theft, fire, wrong delivery, physical damage, late delivery, piracy, customs seizure, strike, terror or war: the transport of goods involves numerous risks. In the event of loss or damage, the problems pile up. But first and foremost, the question that arises is: who will compensate for any loss or damage incurred?


A MGA is a multiple insurance agent with extensive underwriting authority, particularly in the area of marine insurance. This includes the right to collect premiums and settle claims in the name of the respective insurance company


In the event of a claim, speed and expertise are what matters. With our own experts and legal professionals along with innovative IT tools, we ensure that your claims are handled in a simple, speedy and high-quality manner including efficient recourse procedures. Informative loss statistics round off our services.


Professional underwriting requires in-depth knowledge of risks and requirements throughout the logistics chain. ATRALOsecur’s underwriters have many years of experience and expertise in assessing and covering risks in the logistics industry. High flexibility and individual risk transfers are our supreme disciplines.